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Community Development Fund (CDF)


This is the Ministry’s flagship Programme for alleviating Poverty in communities.  The goal of all projects under this Fund is to initiate sustainable livelihoods for the groups involved towards closing the poverty gap.  Under the Fund, programmes and projects which qualify together with those which aim to deliver basic social services and infrastructure to the poor and needy, using the initiatives of NGOs and other community based organisations.  A key aspect is to involve the beneficiary population in the poverty alleviation efforts.

A key characteristic of the CDF is the technical assistance component which focuses on the institutional strengthening of the NGO network and other community based organisations


The Organizational Development Programme (ODP)

This Programme focuses on institutional strengthening and capacity building of community organisations and agencies involved in poverty alleviation.  The following are the key characteristics.

  • Training in both general and specialized disciplines
  • A technical Assistance Programme which seeks to build capacity in community organizations
  • Support for seminars, conferences and research activities which enhance performance
  • A new technology support programme which assists organizations to access and use new technology to improve service delivery and general performance
  • The provision of information to community organizations
  • Establishment of two community Resource Conference and Training facilities at the Tobago Office of the CDF
  • Supporting exchange programmes involving Trinidad and Tobago based NGOs and other NGOs in the Caribbean and beyond.  The key objective is the sharing of information, experiences and techniques in addressing poverty alleviation.

Over three thousand individuals, representing almost one thousand organizations would have benefited from the Organizational Development Programme

How to Apply:

The Community Volunteer Programme

The Community Volunteer Programme is designed to enable the Community Development Fund to connect with community based organizations in their efforts at poverty alleviation.  To achieve this objective, the CDF has engaged eleven (11) volunteers in Trinidad.   The Community Volunteers will provide information on the work of the CDF, mobilize community participation in its programmes and activities and provide advice and assistance with meeting requirements and procedures.

The Basket of Funding Programmes

This programme provides grants and financial support to organizations seeking to implement poverty alleviation projects.  It is designed to provide the most flexible responses to the financial and resource needs of groups implementing projects and initiatives to combat poverty. The Basket is made up of the following components.

  • The Small Grants Programme
  • Project Funding for Poverty Alleviation
  • Partnership Funding
  • Community Enterprise Fund
  • The Training and Technical Assistance Fund
  • The Community Support Fund

Over twelve hundred (1200) organizations have benefited from project funding provided under the Community Development Fund.

The Community Enhancement and Regeneration Programme (CERP)

This programme is designed to provide a multi and trans-disciplinary project focus on pre-selected communities chosen because they would be among the poorest and most disadvantaged communities within Trinidad and Tobago.  Such communities would normally experience high incidences of poverty and disadvantage.  They would lack basic infrastructure, primary social services, and community facilities.

The key objective of CERP is to make a concerted attack on poverty through a multi disciplinary programme, which takes a comprehensive approach to dealing with the needs of deprived and disadvantaged communities.  The CERP has both social and infrastructural components.

The CDF has implemented CERP programmes in the Rock City Village of Laventille, the La Tosca Village in Tamana, the Sea Lots Community in Port of Spain and the John John Community in Laventille.

The Community Resource and Information Facility (Tobago Office)

Located at the Tobago Office, this programme provides a facility where groups can hold meetings, seminars and training activities and conferences.  It is envisaged that the facility will also contain access to the internet and other equipment which will help with the general development of organisations.  In addition technical advice and guidance is provided to groups on site.

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Development

All programmes and activities funded by the CDF are monitored and evaluated against their objectives and targets.  Groups are monitored at least once quarterly.  Report s are presented to the CDF Steering Committee at all meetings of the Committee.  Monitoring helps the CDF to capture the key information needed to continuously review and adjust its own processes and the programmes on offer to the sector.  Additionally, the Monitoring and Evaluation approaches adopted by the CDF will assist community organizations in making informed assessments of the impact which programmes offered.  This will also help with making relevant changes to delivery approaches and contribute to enhanced quality of service delivery.

Contact Information:

Ministry of Community Development
Level 6, Capital Plaza
11-13 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
Phone-868-625-CDFS (2337) x 229
Fax: 1-868-627-3631


2nd Floor East
Ansa McAl Building
Milford Road

Community Development Fund

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