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Community Mediation

The Community Mediation Programme?

In 2000 Community Mediation was introduced in Trinidad and Tobago as an alternative to the court process when trying to solve disputes.

The Vision of Community Mediation Programme

To be the medium in promoting the culture of peace, thereby facilitating healing and harmony in our communities.

The Mission of Community Mediation Programme

To facilitate the empowerment of individuals groups and communities by resolving dispute through mediation in non-threatening environment.

The Philosophical Framework

The roots of Community Mediation can be found in the community concerns to find better ways to resolve conflicts, and efforts to improve and complement the legal system. Citizens, religious leaders and communities become empowered, realizing that they could resolve many complaints and disputes on their own, in their own community through mediation.

Role of Community Mediation Centres

Under the current Act, Community Mediation would be available as a mechanism for handling/negotiating the settlement if disputes in a wide variety of areas including, but not limited to the following matters:

  • Landlord/Tenants
  • Merchants/Consumers
  • Small Claims (Quantum to be determined)
  • Threat and harassment problems
  • Neighbourhood problems
  • Family and Relationships disputes, for example, Visitation Rights, Access, Custody and Maintenance
  • Small Contractors and Home Owners
  • Community Disputes
  • Juvenile conflicts including truancy and delinquent children

Benefits of Community Mediation

The benefits of successfully mediating a dispute to settlement vary depending on the needs and the interests of the parties. The most common advantages include:

  • Parties are directly involved in coming up with the solution to the dispute.
  • As the neutral party, the mediator can assist the parties in exploring alternatives that are free of bias
  • As the mediation proves, it is faster than the court process
  • It is free of charge there is no cost to the disputing parties
  • The process is simple and lacks complex proceedings
  • Parties are flexible and use creative solutions
  • It eliminates any pressure and tension that usually exists during the court process

Visit any of the Community Mediation Centres:


Port of Spain Main Centre
Level 1, JOBCO Building,
#51-55 Frederick Street,
Port of Spain
Tel: 625-6768
Managers' Office: 625-2819
Fax: 625-5487

Central Main Mediation Centre
Lot #19 Southern Main Road,
672-2117, 672-1258, 672-1248

Couva Sub Centre
Social Services Building,
Camden Road Couva,

East Main Mediation Centre
3rd Floor Pennywise Building,
10A Devenish Street, Arima
667-5086, 667-6363, 667-2257

San Juan Sub-Centre
MTS Plaza, Aranguez Main Road,
San Juan
638-8133, 638-6454

South West Main Mediation Centre
63 & 63A Main Road,
Point Fortin
648-2810, 648-4774, 648-6638, 648-2888

Community Mediation Services Division,
ANSA Mc Al Building,
69 Independence Square, Port of Spain
Phone: 623-6369/624-0816
Fax: 624-9272

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