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Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition

The Prime Ministers Best Village Trophy Competition is a multifaceted competition, grounded in the reality of community life and engenders the spirit of multiculturalism since it is not limited to the performing arts of music, dance and drama. Instead, this programme keeps alive the community spirit to mould and develop the expertise of citizens in sports and the arts, as well as knowledge of our folk traditions.

Objectives of the Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition

  • To provide an opportunity for communities to be more conscious about their environment and to participate in exercises that will enhance their surroundings, at the same time developing a sense of self-worth;
  • To encourage a sense of national pride, community spirit and community upliftment through healthy competition and social interactions;
  • To encourage the creativity of our peoples in their foods and artistic talents;
  • To inculcate in our women folk, a sense of pride, self-respect and determination to succeed;
  • To encourage specifically the retention of the Folk Art and the upliftment of the arts in general.


  • Residents of various communities interested in the upliftment of their surroundings.


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